Byron van Belkum

Personal Bio & CV

Hailing from the temperate east coast, Byron is born from the ocean and consumes much of his free time in and around the salty shores of Durban. As a true ‘Bru’, he loves all water and board sports, which range from surfing and snorkeling, to skating along the beachfront promenade. He is also a very keen fitness enthusiast, keeping it in the gym regularly, and participating in a variety of fun fitness events like jump city and the stadium dash. Being a millennial, Netflix is a great pay-off after a solid run or session in the gym. A firm believer of the ‘Work hard, play harder’ doctrine, Byron also enjoys travelling abroad and experiencing new geographies when possible – making sure to try out as many of the local watering holes too! A harmonious balance between work, personal life and physical well-being is his view of ultimate success.

Career Information

Byron van Belkum holds a B.Sc. (QS) Prop. Dev. (Hons) degree from the University of KwaZulu Natal and is newly appointed as an Associate Director for Planning and Cost Engineering Services (Pty) ltd. Byron’s professional career started in 2012 where he became involved in specialist industry project controls namely Oil and Gas, Sugar, Energy and Process plants. He has been based on a geographically diverse sites, requiring him to live in both Africa and the Middle East for extended periods of time showing his passion and commitment to his clients and their projects.

Byron has been a key role player in a vast array of projects within several of their disciplines, providing him with a multidisciplinary range of project controls experience at all management levels from corporate through program, down to project levels. His Specific skill set includes Schedule Management, Project Planning through all project lifecycles including shutdown planning during commissioning, Project Cost Control, Cost Schedule Integration, Quantity Surveying, Site Project Management, Project Controls Management with Stakeholder integration, Project Contract Management, Corporate Governance Controls Management and Multi-level analytical Project Reporting. He provides project wide visibility and assurance by maintaining and servicing micro level quality, whilst integrating macro level governance and required business requisite. 

Byron promotes strong work ethic and commitment, whilst harmoniously balancing personal facets in order to achieve maximum quality output. He is a highly dynamic individual providing unique, value focused solutions to our clients and their project teams. He is highly motivated to achieve success both personally and professionally, the sentiment of which percolates through his colleagues and those around him.

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